Smart Scheduler

Smart Scheduler is an advanced batch process scheduling tool developed using standard JDE toolset. Setup is easy and needs minimal knowledge to maintain as it uses standard JDE user interface. Smart Scheduler has been envisioned keeping in mind the limitations of standard JDE scheduler.


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Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Subscription
JDE Aware & OVI
Standard JDE Interface, Oracle Validated Integration (OVI)
Stream Management
Group Scheduled Jobs
Advanced Dependency Management
Single & Multi-Dependency on Jobs and Streams
Analytical Reports
BI Publisher Support
Stream Hold
Stop and Pause Stream
Print Immediate
Transfer Output
Scheduled User Management
Time Zone Scheduling
Event Based Scheduling
Smart Scheduler Lite
Access to Power Users
Data Selection and Processing Option Override
3rd party Adapters
Remote Web Access
Access SS via PC / Tablet / Smart Phones


Stream Management
With Stream Management you can group all your jobs based on business process giving users a very streamlined process to schedule jobs.

Multiple Streams can be created for each Module – Sales, GL, AR, AP etc.

Advanced Dependency Management
With Smart Scheduler you can create and manage your job dependencies from one location. Multiple dependencies can be setup to make sure all your jobs run harmoniously.

Streams can be put on hold when a job errors. Users have the option of put the entire scheduler on hold when a job fails. Dependency on Stream can also be setup. For example, we can ensure AR stream runs after Sales stream has completed successfully.

Mobile Access
View Job status, release or resubmit error jobs from your mobile phone Turn Smart scheduler ON/OFF with a simple touch.

Get a consolidated view of all the jobs currently in progress or scheduled to run

3rd Party Adapters
Schedule Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Jobs

Events based Scheduling gives you greater control over your scheduled jobs. You can configure how Streams proceed upon execution of certain pre-defined events. With Events, Complex Streams can now be configured in few easy steps.


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