Frequently Asked Questions

What ERP does Smart Scheduler work for?

Smart Scheduler works for all releases of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ranging from XE through 9.2 across different platforms.

Where does Smart Scheduler get deployed?

Smart Scheduler can have its own server, but can also be installed on the deployment or windows enterprise servers.

Mobile Access

View Job status, release or resubmit error jobs from your mobile phone Turn Smart Scheduler ON/OFF with the click of a button.

Can you run both Smart Scheduler and the Standard JDE Scheduler at the same time?

Yes, both systems are independent of one another. They can run in parallel.

Can you import jobs from the Standard Scheduler to Smart Scheduler?

No, we cannot import jobs from Standard Scheduler to Smart Scheduler. However, our team can help you with the migration of your jobs.

Can you send notifications with attachments?

Yes, you can receive notifications when a job complete with attachment. The attachments can either be CSV or PDF’s.

Can you apply the standard JDE security on the Smart Scheduler application?

Yes, all Smart Scheduler objects can leverage standard JDE security.

Can you setup Stream Dependencies?

Yes, with Smart Scheduler you can setup stream dependency and object dependency. Dependency between a job (inside a Stream) and a Stream is also supported. Read more about Smart Scheduler features. (link to features page)

Can you schedule jobs across Time Zones?

Yes, Smart Scheduler allows you to schedule jobs in multiple time zones regardless of server location. Smart Scheduler also factors in Day Light Savings time using the Standard E1 Day light savings application for less maintenance.

We have a specific requirement that is currently not supported, can you customize it?

A lot of our enhancements are driven by customer feedback and requests and we try to deliver them as fast as possible but we can prioritize an enhancement request depending on the criticality of the problem being addressed.

Can I call Stored Procedures before or after I run Batch Applications?

Yes, you can call Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database Stored procedures as part of your stream setup.

Looking for more details? View Smart Scheduler's Technical Specifications:

View Technical Specifications Doc

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