Features & Add-Ons

Advanced JDE Batch Scheduling

Flexibility, Efficiency & Ongoing Expansion

Smart Scheduler's EnterpriseOne Batch Scheduling gives you the ability to monitor & automate jobs, improve user experience, create complex streams - & much more - all within the JDE tool set. Ongoing customer requests have helped us create a rich feature set that continues to expand. Features include the below as well as much more.

JDE Aware

Smart Scheduler is the only scheduling solution that is JDE Aware. It works inside JD Edwards, providing a familiar interface and a seamless user experience. Scheduling jobs is easy & requires little knowledge to maintain.

Stream Dependency & Timing

Finally gain control over the sequencing of dependencies & multiple streams. With Smart Scheduler, you can schedule jobs based on singular or multiple dependencies & between jobs or streams. Schedule jobs on any recurrence, or create your own custom calendar in JDE.

Time Zone Support

Schedule jobs in local time zone regardless of server location. Once the job is scheduled, the Smart Scheduler Engine manages diverse time zones - even factoring in daylight savings.

Events, Conditions & Actions

Smart Scheduler provides incredible flexibility & control over your scheduled jobs. Configure actions based on predefined events & conditions. You can even configure complex streams in just a few easy steps.

Smart Scheduler Lite

Empower super users to schedule jobs, while system administrators retain complete control of the stream. Using Smart Scheduler security, only selected Batch applications can be scheduled by the super users. Web Dashboards allow users to review & interact with jobs & streams.

User Submitted Jobs

Automatically email attachments to one or more recipients whenever user submitted jobs complete.

Smart Build Package Automation

Schedule OMW project promotions, builds & deployments.

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